sofi tukker presentS: ANIMAL TALK COLLECTIVE


Animal Talk is a language that says, “uplift instead of threaten.” That says, “the more one artist shines, the more we all shine.” It says we do everything in our power to nourish, inspire, encourage and protect our friends. It is a friendship among grown children—one that sees being in business together as fun, as playful and as life-affirming as making forts and playing in the sand. In Animal Talk, gender equality is just the beginning. We value the virtues of the wild feminine: the intuitive, the chaotic and the crazy, as not crazy at all. We are a community of sharing, artist to artist. To everyone we do business with, and everyone we build sandcastles with, and everyone who just wants to come play, we invite you to our community where we speak Animal Talk.

Learn more about our artist collective, record label, joint venture publishing company with Third Side Music and, touring neon jungle rave in Earmilk, Clash and Untitled Magazine.